Who really should be “America’s Team”?…..I say Nobody

The Dallas Cowboys have been coined by many as “America’s team”. But why? I mean, they haven’t done a damn thing except hog the national TV spotlight on FOX 13 out of the 17 weeks, build the ‘Taj Mahal’ of NFL stadiums that’s hosted everything but my birthday party yet (they haven’t called me back yet), and bring mediocre football to not only Dallas, but all the NFL for a good what, 10-15 years now? They are a piss poor representation of the term “America’s team”.

I hate the phrase for one, because it pretty much takes the other teams in the league away from any attention whatsoever. God forbid they actually just demolish and remove some franchises from the shield, because according to the NFL and the rest of the world, Dallas is the only one that matters. As long as they are winning, getting into the playoffs consistently and taking home the Vince Lombardi trophy every other year or so, everything is hunky dory right?……..Ummm, timeout there. As if their ego was not huge enough, because Jerry Jones just had to top everyone one more step on the ladder. Pretty sure you were already doing that pre-JerryWorld, and while your cathedral you call home, where you went a disapppointing 4-4 this season, the one season in about 15 years where you had some promise. I guess it doesn’t matter that you have things like each NFC division being up for grabs every year because the NFC is loaded, including your own division. C’mon Big D, you lost the division three times in the last three seasons, each season to every other team in your division at least once! And you had a comfortable position and outlook into the postseason each of those years. Instead you fall flat on your face and blame everyone for your faults. Let’s face it, for being America’s team, to me, you’re more of a disappointment than teams like the Raiders, Jaguars, Buccaneers, etc. You put that own damn title on yourself, that huge target on your back and just continue to let people fire away at it. Nice job. Absolutely masterful. Dallas has zero room to bitch and moan about everything that has happened the last few weeks too in the NFL playoffs. You got a gift from the NFL God’s because they probably felt so bad for you, you finally made the postseason, the NFL just HAD to keep you going. And then for the NFL to come out and say they missed 7 or 8 calls on us during the game? Bull. Shit. Not only is the NFL throwing their entire referee staff under the bus, but that suddenly makes everything all better for you classless sore losers? Get a hold of yourself. And then Sunday’s game in Green Bay. I’ll be honest, I thought they had no chance up in the frozen tundra. But Dallas made it a good, respectable, watchable game. And then all hell broke loose…….of course it was Dallas, of course it was Dez Bryant. Dude, you dropped the ball, end of story. The ground caused you to lose control. You know damn well that rule has been implemented and called correctly on a consistent basis according to the rulebook for a good 5 years or so now, thanks to Mr. Megatron himself, Calvin Johnson. Whether you agree with the rule or not, you have to agree with the call. They made the right decision. So don’t go bitching all offseason about how you got fucked over. Newsflash, your referees fucked us over. They’re not just going to give you the game, or at the worst a re-match. Well, they might. Because you are America’s team right?


I thought I hated Dallas plenty, but even more so now.