Meet the Mastermind

For those that know me, those that don’t and those that…..well, you probably know me too much, I was born and raised in south Detroit. That’s right. Well technically in Southgate, but it is south of Detroit. I played both basketball and baseball through my days in the Southgate school system. I graduated with intentions to study architecture in college and decided to attend Michigan State to study Landscape Architecture. Unfortunately, I realized after two and a half years that I could not handle the challenge and competition, so I made the switch to Criminal Justice. Big change right? After the Fall 2015 semester, I will have graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and will pursue my Master’s in Forensics.

I grew up watching every local Detroit team and have always loved a good sports conversation. You want to break the Tigers on a daily basis on when they will finally pull their heads out of their asses, or how the Lions and Pistons are finally moving in the right direction for consistent success, I will gladly chip in with you. Any other sports things on your mind? Don’t be shy. I am not the biggest hockey buff, but my roommate and very good friend, Brian Bobal, has his very own hockey blog and knows the sport like the back of his hand. I love the Red Wings, and know the basics of hockey and will watch it, but not the finer details to post hockey-related things.

In my spare time, I watch sports (no shit), play Pokemon (guilty pleasure), listen to music and just overall chillax whenever I can. I’ve learned I’m becoming an old man in some ways. People are getting on my nerves more often than they should be. But let’s be honest, if people were not so damn difficult and childish to deal with, we’d never have issues!

That’s me in a nutshell. Plain ol’ me. Enjoy the site!


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