Hello all you crazy people! It’s your good buddy Alex here. I’ve recently found an itch to start voicing my opinion in the form of a blog. I find it much more easier for myself, and probably all you people as well. I’ve very gradually losing interest in using Facebook for a number of reasons, but I have realized that I do not think it is the ideal social media platform for someone like me who has numerous opinions and interests in the world of sports.

With that being said, this is for my own pleasure and I encourage any and all to follow if they have EVER found anything I’ve posted in recent months, years for that matter, relevant or interesting to them. I am by no means a professional or anything so it’ll be just a “whatever hits me in the moment” kind of thing. Don’t expect a frickin novel or anything. I’m not Stephen King over here.

So you may be asking me at this point: “What will this consist of?” Well I’m glad you asked! It will cover anything I find interesting and conversation starting with regards to the local Detroit teams, Michigan State, MLB, NBA, the NFL as well as NCAA football and basketball. No, it will not be all the dumb bullshit that ESPN and other platforms call “sports” or “important news”. In fact, you may get a story or two out of me sometimes ripping into them! But we’ll get to that later.

Anyway, this is my welcome invitation to all y’all. Go Green!


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